With a constant drive to provide our customers with the technology
and licensing tools to acquire and retain players, fueling their
success in achieving maximum lifetime value and sustainable
revenue, we have a persistent desire to be at the top of our game.

And how do we do this?

By nurturing our peoples’ unique talents, we have built a thriving, multidisciplinary workforce that is motivated, engaged, and dedicated to our
customers’ success. We also take great pride in being a trusted and valued
business partner. For the last 30 years, we have attracted and cultivated
partnerships with globally respected regulators, commissions, and innovative
industry partners - working as one to enhance our gaming platform systems
and sports betting product offering to customers.

Our portfolio

At Apricot, we pride ourselves on our extensive portfolio, which enables the Microgaming Platform to operate seamlessly across diverse geographies. Our sub-licenses ensure that we meet regulatory standards and deliver exceptional gaming experiences worldwide, maintaining our position as a leader in the global gaming industry. Our key entities include:

Our values

At Apricot, we have a diverse and innovative culture where our people demonstrate agility, integrity, and unity.

Agility - As a founder and pioneer
of technology within the industry,
we have a persistent desire to be
at the top of our game. This means
embracing evolution and acting
on the opportunities it brings.

Integrity - With a continued drive to act honestly and respectfully, we do what is right for our customers, colleagues, community, and partners.

Unity - By combining individual strengths, we can tackle complex problems more effectively and generate innovative solutions. Collaboration promotes synergy, fosters creativity, and encourages mutual support - fuelling success.

Our partners

Over the last three decades, we have fostered partnerships with a select network of globally acclaimed and innovative industry collaborators - esteemed names
including the likes of Continent 8, Derivco, Viadex, and TechConnect. These strategic alliances have not only empowered us to elevate our customer
offering but have enabled us to adeptly navigate an ever-changing regulatory and gaming landscape. Our commitment to fostering trusted positive relationships
extends to many international governing bodies. Our licensing footprint spreads as far and wide as Sweden, Romania, and Greece, with our platform technology
licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies including:

This keeps us accountable at all times and ensures we maintain the high standards of integrity and compliance expected of our industry, ultimately contributing to a safer and more reliable customer offering.